Out of Memory error upon launching the game.


Errors indicating a lack of memory space can have various causes. Hence, we advise you to follow the instructions below. If the issue still persists, we kindly request you to send the dxdiag information to lop_support@neowiz.com for a thorough review.

Solution 1: Install the Latest Hardware Drivers If the BIOS, chipset, or other drivers on your computer are not up-to-date, please download and install their latest versions according to your computer specifications. You can find the latest versions of your drivers on your respective computer manufacturer's website. We recommend having hardware driver updates done by the manufacturer to avoid possible errors. If the problem persists, a hardware inspection may be necessary.

Solution 2: Delete the Windows Update Temporary Storage

  1. Right-click on the lower-left corner of your screen and select "Run" (Keyboard shortcut: Windows Key + X).
  2. Type "services.msc" and press OK.
  3. In the Services window, double-click on each of the following items and press the pause button. Click Apply once you've paused the services. -Background Intelligent Transfer Service -Cryptographic Services -Windows Updates
  4. Navigate to C:\Windows and delete the SoftwareDistribution folder.
  5. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and delete the catroot2 folder.
  6. Return to the Services window, double-click on the three service items you stopped earlier, and click the Start button to resume them.

Solution 3: Disk Check

  1. Right-click on the Start button and select "Command Prompt (Admin)."
  2. When the Command Prompt appears, type "chkdsk /r" and press Enter.
  3. When asked if you want to schedule a disk check for the next boot, press "Y" to proceed.
  4. The system will reboot, and the disk check will be performed during startup.