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Privacy Policy
Updated 20230609

Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

When collecting the personal information of website users, Neowiz discloses the purpose of collecting the information and processes it only within the scope of the disclosed purpose. Neowiz may collect the personal information of website users for the following purpose:

  • Sending newsletters regarding the game
  • Data collection for game bug fixing

2. Items of Personal Information Collected

Neowiz may collect the following personal information as you use the service provided by this website (newsletter service):

  • E-mail address used to subscribe to the newsletter
  • Request for game bug fixing

3. Period of Retention and Use

Upon the achievement or expiration of the purpose for which personal information was collected, or if a user expresses their wish to withdraw their consent, Neowiz will promptly destroy the personal information that it collected.

4. Procedure for Destroying Personal Information

Neowiz retains and uses the personal information of users as long as they subscribe to the newsletter. Except in special circumstances, once Neowiz achieves the purpose for which the information was collected, it promptly and securely destroys the information beyond technical restoration.

5. Sharing or Provision of Personal Information

Neowiz does not share or disclose any personal information collected through this website, or outsource personal information processing, to a third party.

6. Secure Management of Personal Information

Neowiz implements administrative, technical, and physical security measures on a continual basis to protect your information from unauthorized access, loss, misuse or alteration.

7. Rights of Information Subjects and How to Exercise Them

Website users may request Neowiz to correct any personal information that they shared with the company or withdraw their consent at any time. In such cases, Neowiz may not reject the request or withdrawal without a special reason. You can always exercise your rights by contacting Neowiz at

1. What are cookies?

Most websites use cookies, a practical technology that collects and uses information from users visiting the websites to provide better services on their next visits and facilitate their website use. A cookie consists of several bytes of texts. It is installed on a user’s computer hard drive when the user visits the website. While the user visits the website, the cookie transmits information to Neowiz.

2. Functions of Cookies

For example, a cookie can be used to identify whether a user has visited the website before or for the first time. It also helps users to use the website in more diverse ways during their visit.

3. Types of Cookies Used and Their Purpose

Neowiz only uses essential cookies to improve the website environment, provide convenient features, and collect and analyze statistics. The essential cookies allow users to access the features included in the website. Without the cookies, users may not be able to access some features of the website.

How to Control, Deactivate, and Delete Cookies

You can change your browser settings to block cookies or alert you when a cookie is transmitted to your device. Please click one of the links below for quick access to our browser setting guidelines. After deleting cookies, you need to reset the default settings or access the website once more.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

Notice of Changes and Contact Information

2. Neowiz will notify user of modifications to the policies on this website. If you have any questions about personal information, please contact us using the following contact information.

• Name of the controller: NEOWIZ corp.  • Privacy Team / email:

3. EU/UK Residents

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 we have respectively appointed a European representative and a UK representative. If you wish to contact them, their details are as follows: For an EU Representative: Bird & Bird GDPR Representative Services SRL Avenue Louise 235 1050 Bruxelles Belgium Key Contact: Vincent Rezzouk-Hammachi   For a UK Representative: Bird & Bird GDPR Representative Services UK 12 New Fetter Lane London EC4A1JP United Kingdom Key Contact: Vincent Rezzouk-Hammachi